Posting from Kindle

I recently downloaded the free WordPress app onto my Kindle Fire HD and this blog post is written exclusively on that.

Once more I’m amazed at the versatility of this small tablet. It’s much, much more than an e-reader, although it’s very efficient at that. But I also I use it for email and internet and a host of many other things including

1 – a variety of games, mainly card games but other stuff too. I’ve even got Angry Birds on it along with a few I haven’t mastered yet.

2 – I have Evernote on and that is so useful for jotting down ideas and lists. It does much more than that but that’s what I use it for currently. It also synchronizes seamlessly with my phone and laptop, allowing me to pick them up on other mediums

3 – I use the Google calendar too on it which, again, sinc ´s with my phone and laptop.

4 – I use Skype on it too as it has a built in backwards looking camera. It doesn’t have a forward facing camera like the iPad but at half the price I can live with that.

5 – I have all my contacts in it which makes it a very useful back up for my mobile phone data.

6 – I’ve also transferred some of my music albums on to it and the Dolby speakers are pretty good too. They probably wouldn’t fill a dance floor but for listening while you work they are very capable.

7 – It also allows you to watch U-tube videos and iPlayer. The 7inch screen is very watchable and in HD the picture is clear and bright

Add to that loads of available apps and the fact that the keys are big enough for my fingers to use, I find it extremely useful and convenient. Oh and I must´t forget the brilliant predictive text which really does know what you want to say.

Well done Amazon, this is a terrific piece of kit

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