When I’m not Writing – Writing 101 – Day 11

Sandy Lane Chester 004

I like to walk. I have two miniature Poodles who are always happy to come along with me as my walking company. We usually have, at least, one good walk per day and then several others. Ollie, the one in the picture is now five and the other one, Millie, is the grand old age of thirteen but she’s quite happy to come along too. Or to run after a thrown ball, or a squirrel, or a rabbit. Ollie, like me, is a bit lazy for that level of excitement. So we just follow along. Like most of us, Millie still thinks she’s young enough to catch them, but she isn’t.

I also read quite a lot, detective stories mainly but I’m also fond of Autobiographies if I’m interested in the person. I’m not particularly inclined to read life stories of twenty five year old pop stars. I read paperback novels but I also like to read books on my tablet, via the Kindle app. I did have a Kindle but it broke and I find my Android tablet far more versatile. I also enjoy reading other blogs, something which I’ve come upon recently but I never fail to be amazed by the diversity and, in some cases, courage of fellow bloggers. Some reveal such a lot about themselves, baring their souls to those who would read their thoughts and musings.

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