My wishbone

Another great blog post from my very talented daughter (they’re both talented actually, as is my son too) It’s well worth a read.



I saw this quote and it got me thinking. Do I have any of those ‘bones’?

Starting to blog and post on Facebook was HUGE for me. It took a lot of courage. After all I’m spilling my guts for all the world to see. Warts and all. Im putting us out there to be judged.

And its scary because deep down I’m a sensitive soul.

I care what people think. Too much. I like reassurance. That I’m making good decisions, the right decisions or that I’m just plain doing good. I worry I might say the wrong thing or the right thing the wrong way.

But I love to write. It helps me process things. And its nice to have people share our journey. Less lonely.

So I cracked on.

And I created my blog first. Then Dixie’s page followed. I sent out the invites to like her page…

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