What Happened to Conversation?

Admit it. Most of us, at sometime or another, have sent a quick text or an email to save us having a time-consuming conversation; thus granting us that extra time which we can put to other use. Picking up the telephone or having face to face conversations can take up so much time which often we feel we don’t have. When did all this start to happen? Can we blame the technology, which allows us to send pictures and messages to our friends and relatives scattered across the globe, but takes away the anticipation of waiting for time zones to be compatible so we can actually speak to them? To hear their voice and feel the distance eaten up that experience. The precious time we think we will save, by using electronic communication, is often swallowed up in ensuring the meaning of our post can’t be taken in the wrong way. We wouldn’t want to offend, would we?

It no longer applies to a single generation as people of all ages get to grips with and take advantage of the technology available. Daily more services are offered electronically as businesess strive to reduce costs and manpower and offer multi menus, asking us to press the relevant number to obtain the service we require. Often the option we need isn’t covered and rarely are we offered the advantage of speaking to a real human being.

People, meeting socially, sit checking their phones and PDA’s for Facebook updates, Tweets and emails, instead of just relaxing and talking to each other. We all know that technology is destroying the art of conversation but we do very little about it as we add to our blogs and websites.

Try something different when meeting people, turn off your phones and just talk; you’ll be amazed how much you can learn without reading a bio. So why not, just before you press the send button on the next post; search out their phone number, ring them and talk.

Let’s keep conversation alive !!

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