Summer – is it over?

The Leaving Sun

Getting out of bed at 7am this morning, I realised at last that the summer is just about gone. Strange how the signs appear subtlety. Last week the sun shone and the mornings were bright but today it’s dull, grey and overcast. The onset of autumn is in the air and the long balmy days of the sunshine season are slipping into the memory.
As I get older the seasons pass quickly but this isn’t helped by some retailers already advertising for and setting up their festive displays. It seems that we are no longer allowed to enjoy the autumn but must dash straight into the ‘run up to Christmas’ and ignore one of the best times of they year.
The leaves are beginning to fall but just before they do they exhibit fabulous and magical colours, to delight us. The geese circle above us calling out to each other to pack up their suitcases and get ready to leave us for another year. The shortening days allow us to snuggle down before the fire and sleep comfortably in the cool air rather than endure wide open windows and cooling fans to stifle the heat.
Warm and sunny days are still possible and to be enjoyed but they soon give way to the winter storms we all know will come.
Here in the UK, last winter was one of the mildest that I remember so it still remains to be seen what this year will bring. But whatever the winter throws at us we have the promise of spring to look forward to and then summer will once more be with us.

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