One Word Prompts – Writing 101 – Day 3

This is a process I’ve never used before. I know it’s in all the text books but I’ve always passed on this area but today I’ll try it.

I like the word SECRET. There is something so mystifying and unreal about it, like early morning fog as it swirls around the hedge rows.

We all have secrets, of that I have no doubt. That little hidden something we’ve never shared with anyone else no matter how close they are. As writers we are prone to tell stories; to exaggerate a little. It’s in our make up. The stories we tell are often based on a truth. Maybe, not always, our truth but someone’s truth, all the same. An overheard conversation or a friends confession can be changed and manipulated into an exciting or funny story with a little bending of the facts. It makes us good at sharing other peoples secrets. ‘The names have been changed to protect the innocent’

Secrets don’t always have to be dark. I wrote stories for many years and told no-one about it. I never dropped it into conversation, or bragged about it; it was just there; something only I knew about. Until I realised that it was okay to write and not something strange or geeky. Now it’s something I’m pretty proud of.

What’s your secret?

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