Goodbye 2014, hello 2015!

This is the next stage of my daughters journey into the unknown


Early January and our first Videofluoroscopy was here. Dixie was just 7 months old.

We had managed to get a cancellation appointment which are rare. This took our waiting time down to about 13 weeks. We had been sent a faded, poorly photocopied list of instructions to follow before the test. What things to bring and how the process worked. Daddy L was working, so with the addition of my sister, AKA moral support in his place, we headed down to the X-ray department at the hospital.

I’d had to starve Dixie for a few hours so by the time we were waiting to be called, she was not a happy little lady. I was dreading the test, I had no idea whether the specialists would get all they needed, whether Dixie would ‘perform’. I just wanted to get in there and then out with a clearer picture of what…

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