NaNoWriMo First Week


Well after commencing writing last Sunday morning I’ve written almost 18,000 words so I’m pretty pleased with that. I’ve averaged about 2,500 words per day, lifting me above the minimum 1,667 target. This gives me some breathing space, should I need it. The story is going pretty well too, although I am confident of getting my 50,000 words before the end of November I don’t think the novel’s first draft will be completed as my characters seem to have a lot to say at the moment. They are currently establishing their true personalities, one of the most exciting parts of writing, for me. It’s when they begin to speak and act for themselves and the two dimensional character sketches take on a life and become three dimensional.

I’ve often wondered if it’s the same for other writers. Do they know exactly what will happen in their story or are they like me, having an idea which is subject to change as the plot and characters begin to take shape. Did Thomas Hardy know exactly what would happen to Tess before he began writing his classic or did she tell him what to write? Most of us will never write a best seller, in fact, lots of prospective best sellers never get from the authors hands and are never seen by anyone except the writer themselves. For me, as I’ve said many times before, it’s about the writing process. The immersion in something which takes over and writes the twists and turns itself. Having said that if there are any agents or publishers out there that want to offer me a book deal I’d be willing to share my work with them 🙂

Happy writing and good luck as the month progresses to all other NaNoWriMo’s.

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