2015 Departs with a Vengance

Kirkstall Road

Pictures from BBC website

We’re almost at the years end and what an end it has been. Vast areas of land and roads and houses are flooded. Places which have never had any kind of water problems have become engulfed, as rivers burst their banks and flow into towns and cities. The picture above shows one of the main roads in and out of the city of Leeds, up here in West Yorkshire. It looks like a serene lake this morning but earlier it was a fast flowing torrent. The sun is shining now and it’s a lovely winter day.


This is about half a mile from my house – Picture by colours may vary – BBC Website

It’s unbelievable, for me, to see this as I was born and brought up in the city, I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this before. It’s one of those things which happens to other people and in other areas. We have suffered from days and days of heavy rain, stopping for a couple of hours and then returning and continuing day and night. It’s certainly been the wettest in my memory, and I’ve been around for a while. Luckily, for me, I live quite high up and no water has reached us, but lower down the hill the park is like a boating lake. Much of the rain which fell on the hills last night is still to be seen in the rivers.

The financial impact on local businesses will be tremendous, and I’m sure some won’t survive, but the effect on families, especially at this time of year, is incalculable . I can’t imagine what they must be going through with their possessions destroyed. Although I know that human lives are far more important than goods, but to watch, helpless, as your lifetime is washed away must be heartbreaking.

My thought are with those people, and I hope they get the support and help they need. Most of all I hope that 2016 is a better year for them and for everyone.

Happy New Year to all.

1 thought on “2015 Departs with a Vengance

  1. Well said Steve. It has been truly horrendous for them, judging by the pictures on the news. Down here in the south we have been so very lucky.I do hope that the people that have been devastated financially and emotionally from this awful weather do get the help and support that they need, and that the worst of it is now over for them.

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