Festivities over; it’s time to write

As I wave goodbye to another year and say hello to the new year I have decided to continue my plan of writing something every day. My success in November’s NaNoWriMo has shown me that I can always squeeze time to add a few words to the story, whatever story that is and it has changed the way I edit. I’ve learned that editing, for me, is a process best left until the first draft is completed.

Until November, 2013 was a very barren writing year for me as the inspiration to write disappeared and, although I still came up with ideas, I had little desire to do anything with them. The Moleskin which I keep in my back pocket has a few jottings but nothing that set the creative part of my brain alive. In 2014 I plan to change that and write, write, write!

I have set myself a challenge and that is to get a story, any story, whether short or long, published. I am determined to rework old and write new ones so that they can be submitted. I have a lot that are half finished, some that are completed but not yet ready for the world to read and some are just outline ideas. I have two novels unfinished and unedited and I want to get at least one of them ready to sent to a literary agent before the year fades.

I have enjoyed Christmas and the New Year but now it’s time for work. Lets see what we can achieve during the coming year and I wish you all success and happiness in the year to come


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